Is fear your ruler?

Lately, I have been observing some people’s behavior that, in the beginning, looked amazing, but my gut was sensing something is off. So, I decided to investigate to see what exactly is off or just to be proven to be wrong! The people I was observing showed great confidence and shared fear stories that were very relatable, connecting well with people’s emotions. They looked like experts in their field, with years of experience and active

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Empowering Practitioners: Discover the Abusive Pattern Program and why is it important to handle it as soon as possible?

Are you eager to guide abuse survivors toward a life filled with peace, love, and meaningful connections? The journey to recovery from abuse can be challenging, often leaving both survivors and practitioners in search of effective solutions… In this article, we delve into a profound revelation that can be a game-changer in the realm of abuse recovery.  The Abusive Pattern Program, often formed in childhood, lays the foundation for abusive relationship patterns that persist throughout

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How to REALLY stop attracting narcissists/abusers? The side that nobody talks about

You have probably read many articles about how to stop attracting narcissists and understanding why this is happening. The majority of those articles make me mad. Why? Because the advice provided usually doesn’t work. And as a person who was in an abusive relationship, I honestly felt broken, unfit for anything when I tried those things and it failed. Does this mean people give the wrong advice? No. It means that advice only scratches the

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