The only in-depth and dedicated program for healers and practitioners on how to professionally and effectively work with abuse victims.

By Salvija Reiciune


The only in-depth and dedicated program for healers and practitioners on how to professionally and effectively work with abuse victims.

By Salvija Reiciune

All the training you need to be an incredible, highly effective, and compassionate trauma-informed Abuse Expert. No university or other training will teach you this.

Learn to support your clients in the best possible way, without re-traumatizing them or spending months trying to help them break free from their endless cycle of abuse.

Who is it for?

WHY I created this progam

After I looked for support for my abuse trauma, I realized that not many therapists and healers know how to effectively help abuse victims. I did various therapies, and during some sessions, my therapists would freak out or give me that “aww you poor thing” look – I absolutely hated it. What was worse, I didn’t receive any actual help, which left me feeling devastated and hopeless. Sadly, this isn’t just my experience; many other abuse victims too.

When I inform people that I am an Abuse Expert and assist with both current and post-abuse cases, the main feedback I receive is “we need more experts like you, people need proper help.”

Let’s work towards changing that, shall we?

How is this different from other courses? What are the benefits?

Did you know that the majority of the advice provided online, by support organizations, and government institutions is life-threatening for your client?

In this programme you will learn how to help people to leave and heal from abuse in the most healthiest and safest way.

Other courses, even universities, only teach the method of therapy or any other tool, but don’t teach how to deal with the human and how to recognize behavioural signs, and this is where the majority fall short after the training.

The How To Work With Abuse Victims Programme is built on real-life experience and not just on research. The method I have created has been based on my journey and my clients’. It was tested for years before I decided to teach it to ensure it delivers the best results.
My main focus has always been to analyse and understand abusers, serial killers’ minds and behaviours because I believe it is key to understanding to build successful strategies for leaving abusers and even preventing abuse from happening in the near future as much as possible. Understanding an abuser’s mind, the whole abuse process, and how it affects abuse victims is crucial so you don’t re-traumatize your client – which could lead to the client believing they’re not fixable, unworthy of healing.

You want the best for your client, but without crucial knowledge about abuse, you can negatively impact your client, yourself, and even your business. If you start the healing process too soon or re-traumatize your client without enough knowledge of how to handle difficult situations, you will 99% go into a loop of “nothing works,” and eventually, it leads to an unsatisfied client, which case by case will lead you to question your confidence and ability to work as a therapist/healer.

Risks of not understanding the abusers mind and abuse process:

You might think you don’t want to work with people who have experienced abuse. I hate to break it to you, but the majority, if not all people on this planet, have experienced or will have experienced emotional or physical abuse, or both. Even if you help people with confidence, there is a high chance that a person has been abused at some point in their life or still is. According to statistics on the Office for National Statistics site, approximately 1 in 5 adults aged 16 years and over (10.4 million) had experienced domestic abuse since the age of 16 years in the UK and Wales in 2022. This doesn’t even include children.

“There was no significant change in the prevalence of domestic abuse experienced by adults aged 16 to 59 years in the last year”

Let’s change this now! So that these numbers go DOWN. 

This program does not just help therapists and healers to upgrade their skills in working with abuse victims and become experts in this field, but also training YOU in how to support your clients to prevent abuse from ever happening again.

What will you get?

The program has been split into 2 Levels:

Level 1 covers all you need to know in working with abuse victims and helping them to recover post abuse.

You will understand when to start the healing process, where to focus and how to challenge your client when needed.

One of the most important areas in abuse recovery is abusive pattern root and victim mentality. Not handling abusive pattern root in the beginning, client most likely will repeat the pattern with another abuser. And every abuse victim comes with a victim mentality, the difference is, some want to get rid of it, some want to keep it. You will learn to recognize if your client is ready for a change or just talks empty talk.

And yes, they all say they want the change and are ready – actions show very different results sometimes.

It also includes cybersecurity for your client because every abuser tracks their victims for a very long time, so it’s important to stay safe.

Communication support and training.

After finishing Level 1, you will become an Abuse Recovery Expert and can help your clients to handle this journey much easier and faster.

Level 1 includes:

Level 2 covers active abuse and how to work with it.

There are many people who need support in Active abuse and unfortunately the majority of the information online, with police and other institutions, on how people can escape abuse increases the chances of being killed by at least 50%. In my opinion, it’s 80%.

The Strategy I have created helps your clients leave abuse as safely as possible.

You will learn how to strategize against abusers, how to interpret their actions, how to handle your client, how to deal with institutions like police, courts, lawyers, and social services, and how to gather evidence.

How to shift your strategy depending on whether your client is female or male and why.

How to handle family, friends and children, communications with them and how to navigate communication with abusers during the divorce (if applicable) and afterward, especially if child care is involved.

Level 2 also includes all topics covered in Level 1 – how to start recovery and healing.

After completing Level 2, you will become a Domestic Abuse Expert and gain a comprehensive understanding of how to handle active abuse and recovery thereafter.

Level 2 includes:

Salvija is an Abuse Expert, Cl. Hypnotherapist, Mind Programmer, Modern Witch, High-End Leaders Guide and Activator, Founder of Salvija Coaching and Therapy.

Salvija’ s main mission is to find better ways to prevent abuse and offer a much faster healing approach and support for Abuse Victims.

With 10+ years of experience she specialises in Domestic and Corporate Abuse, Energetics and Energy Management, Mind Programming, spotting Manipulation tactics, Self-Worth and Emotional Intelligence.

Salvija has been helping women and men worldwide to leave domestic abuse safely, heal from it and create their dream lives feeling safe and confident. She often says “I had to make hell my playground, so I could show a faster way out for others”.

Based on her personal and client`s experience on escaping abuse, Salvija is now training other healers, therapists and practitioners in how to properly support and provide much needed help to Abuse Victims.



It will be easier if you already seeing clients, but if not – not a problem

There are VIP options to upgrade to have access to Salvija 1:1 while the programme is running (please refer to the description for more information). If you want more continuous support 1:1, please message for available options.

You can pay in full or pick 6-month PP.

Not yet, but we are working on it.

Once the programme starts – no refunds.

No, you are not permitted to teach others any of the techniques provided in this programme, you can only apply them in your practice with your clients.

What do clients say?

RTT session with Salvija was my first ever interaction with hypnosis. I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. After just one session, the panic attacks have vanished, and day after day, my mental health improved so much I could not believe it! Finally after 7 days the anxiety has vanished. I’m so happy that I took the chance and connected with Salvija. It was a life changing decision. And I would gladly recommend her to anyone who wants to say “goodbye” to their problems.
After working with Salvija, I was able to clearly articulate a future vision for myself and define my priorities to achieve greater life balance. With Salvija’s supportive coaching style, I was able to gain the confidence and made a significant career move that was long overdue. I’m not sure I would have made the transition without Salvija’s know-how, encouragement, and support. Thank you for being there for me.
I came to Salvija to help me boost my confidence and self worth. Hypnotherapy can work really fast. From the first session I felt a shift and by deep understanding of my past I felt a weight has been lifted. Now I can clearly see my potential and take action towards my dreams without being afraid what others will say. And I feel really supported by the voice recording I got from Salvija to keep the momentum going and not fall back. I am so grateful to her and know where to go for my next hypnosis. I deserve this investment in myself.
Salvija literally saved my life. Her knowledge is vast in many areas. Both when I needed support in dealing with my fears, anxiety and when I needed a kick to act. She gets to the heart of the matter very quickly. Thanks to that, the whole process is much faster. I would come to these conclusions for months, it was possible with her in one session. It’s a great experience to have someone like that by your side. I’m still improving with her advices, but it’s much more simple than doing it alone. Everyone needs a coach like that in their life.
Salvija’s coaching is fresh and crisp. She cuts through the issue with laser precision. There’s no going around the bushes with her, she nails it in a blink with her sharp mind clarity and incredible intuition. She will spot the things that you discount or where your thinking is clouded by limiting beliefs. Salvija’s empowering and clear-mind style is contagious. Her approach to work and life is ‘nothing is impossible, you can achieve anything once you know you’re worthy of it’. She will challenge you and not allow you to lie to yourself….. and you will be grateful for it!
With Salvija you can have those really difficult discussions that other coaches or therapists can’t easily hold. She has seen it all….. Her honesty and authenticity are so reassuring and the level of trust and safety she creates is profound.
Besides her no-nonsense, no-BS, straight forward approach, just by being in her energy is uplifting and empowering. I highly recommend Salvija to anyone who wants to bring their practice to the next level and resolve what holds them back. With Salvija nothing is impossible!
Dr. Anemona Peres


This program does not provide legal or medical advice. You will need to evaluate the situation  with your client and seek support whenever needed. Salvija Coaching and Therapy is not responsible for your performance or results you have with your clients or in your business.

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