2-9 November 2024, Tarifa, Spain

Become a dream team with yourself

The Luxury Retreat That Re-Connects You to Your Mind, Body & Soul

Are you ready to join this magical journey of self discovery?

Feel like you’re just going through the motions lately instead of truly living? Are old stories or limiting beliefs holding you back from your highest potential? When was the last time you paused long enough to reconnect with your deepest self? Or tuned in to see where that pain was actually coming from?

This transformational 8 day retreat is designed specifically to renew your sense of purpose and possibility. Through guided self-inquiry, you’ll rediscover passion, joy and a sense of self like never before.

As you let go of whatever weighs you down – be it pain, people or patterns – you’ll make room for the truest you to emerge.

Are you ready to say yes – to yourself, your growth, your inner wisdom?

This retreat holds space for you to transform from the inside out. You know you’re called to something more, to live life FULLER. Let this be the moment you choose to live it exactly the way you want to.

But let’s get even more specific:

Have you ever felt that there is much more to our minds and bodies? Not just the basic functions we were taught in Biology classes… And not just healing secrets!

Our body and mind hold an incredibly powerful network of intelligence, a brilliant machine of capabilities that can either help you or break you.

Since childhood, I have been in touch with my body quite deeply, but didn’t fully understand what it meant. My body communicated with me every day, from the food that disagreed with me to situations where it told me something was off. I experienced a lot of “mysterious” illnesses as a child and was never diagnosed with anything… Because it was never a medical issue; it was my body talking to me. For the longest time, I thought I was just broken. It was a fascinating discovery for me, and since then, I’ve played with it as much as I can! I still do 😍

Our body tells us so much every day, our job is to listen.

Did you know that the body reacts first, and the mind follows? We are usually told it’s the opposite…

Want to connect again with your Mind and Body? Dive deep into your own powers that are hidden within you?

Meet Yourself Retreat is a place that offers you the opportunity to go deeper into this connection.

We are all born naturally connected, until it all gets blocked by criticism, trauma, or an overload of demands from the world, and many more things.

Our body is a map, and our responsibility is to learn to read it.

Meet Yourself Retreat is a gift to yourself.

🦉 In this retreat, I will be teaching my signature BodyMap Method™. Our body is a map, and our responsibility is to learn to read it. It holds an incredibly powerful network of intelligence, a brilliant machine of capabilities that can help you or break you.

You will learn:

  • How to discover your emotions in the body and how to translate them.
  • How to determine if it’s a reactive emotion or an indicative one.
  • How to discern which things are in alignment with you and which ones are not.
  • How to scan your food to ensure you provide your body with what makes your gut happy too!

But it doesn’t end there… The BodyMap Method™ can be applied to almost everything in your life, and you will learn how to do it and continue your journey even after the retreat.

🔥 We will dive deep into how to hold who you are in the storm without modifying yourself.

☕ We will have 2 Cacao ceremonies to honour this wonderful process and your journey with yourself.

🔥 We will work on deeper release.

🔥 You will have opportunity to have one 1:1 session during the retreat with me!

Imagine the power that you can unlock by becoming a dream team with yourself?

This retreat’s purpose is to provide space and support for anyone who desires to Meet Themselves AND you will leave this retreat knowing yourself better than ever before.


Sitting by the pool, having done the deepest self reflection yet, guided and supported to feel safe enough to go there, realising the lightbulb moments you just experienced and knowing that you will forever see yourself and life differently from now on. You will release everything that is not yours and begin to enjoy your liberation journey. This work is incredibly powerful and you feel proud of yourself taking part in it, allowing yourself to open and embrace who you truly are.

Join Meet Yourself Retreat where you can safely deep dive into yourself and be supported.

About the Location and Villa.

The retreat will happen in Tarifa, Spain. Tarifa is a little town that attracts people from all over the world, especially wind lovers. Tarifa`s location is quite unique, in here you have Atlantic Ocean meeting Mediterranean Sea and can enjoy spectacular views of Africa, which brings its own charm and powerful energy.

The villa itself is located in one of the mountains surrounding Tarifa, which ensures privacy and tranquillity. The villa is surrounded by stunning grounds in a plot of 7,500m2 and breath taking views of Africa. It is perfect if you are looking to escape the world for a second and just be with yourself.

Salvija has a unique way of enabling you to connect with your body. Her subtle techniques are powerfully effective and have had life changing effects on me already.
It's only been 3 weeks since returning home from the retreat and I know I have learned enough to impress permanent changes in my life.
I am so grateful for this experience, and I advise that if you are considering taking part, do it!
Go with an open mind and an open heart, don't be afraid to feel and you will experience the full effects of Meeting Yourself.

What’s included in the price?

  • 3 meals a day prepared by private chef, except on the 2nd and 9th of November; there will be breakfast and dinner accordingly on those dates.
  • Soft drinks.
  • 8 days in a breath taking Villa.
  • Accommodation.
  • All group activities.
  • One 1:1 Session with me during the retreat (60min).
  • Follow up call after retreat.
  • Transportation for some activities if needed.
  • Pool, Sauna and other Villa amenities.


Two types of rooms are available for this retreat:

Double room (not shared):

  • For one person or a couple.
  • Only 4 available.

Twin Room (shared):

  • For 2 people to share.
  • Only 6 spots available.

Two Double rooms come with ensuite apart from other 2 doubles that share a large bathroom, The twin rooms also come with ensuite but of course you will share the bathroom. Allocation will be on a first come basis. (if you want your own room book now!).

Double Room

(not shared)
Pay in Full
  • For one person or a couple
  • Only 4 rooms available

Double Room
(Payment Plan)

(not shared)
6 months payment plan
  • For one person or a couple
  • Only 4 rooms available

Twin Room

Pay in Full
  • For 2 people to share
  • Only 6 spots available

Twin Room
(Payment Plan)

6 months payment plan
  • For 2 people to share
  • Only 6 spots available

Meet your Host

Salvija is an Abuse Expert, Cl. Hypnotherapist, Mind Programmer, Modern Witch, High-End Leaders Guide and Activator, Founder of Salvija Coaching and Therapy.

Salvija has been helping women and men worldwide to leave domestic abuse safely, heal from it and create their dream lives feeling safe and confident. She helps people to build unshakable confidence, trust themselves again and feel safe no matter what happens in their lives. Her methods and limitless mindset help people to create their lives in a way they never thought is possible. Salvija is often described as liberating and powerful person to be around.

Her signature BodyMap Method™ teaches people how to read their body map and connect with their mind and body on a very high level. Salvija`s connection with her body and her mind was always incredibly deep, so she is now taking her clients on this journey too and showing them what is possible.

Salvija is a true believer that people are limitless in their mind and in their body, and this is something she instils into every one of her clients.

What do you need to know?

  • This is a no-device retreat.
  • Since we will be doing deep inner work, not every participant chooses to be social, so please respect everyone’s privacy.
  • There will be an opportunity to book Luxury facials and massages for an additional fee.
  • 2 days will be for pure resting only, one in the middle of the retreat and one at the end, so you can rest and enjoy the Villa before departing.
  • Only 10 spots available!
  • Plane tickets and transportation from/to airport are not included.
  • WARNING!! After this retreat you might find that you want to change your life from the core level.


Honestly, my experience during the retreat was to immerse myself in it without too much preconception or expectation, I went with the flow of the sessions and the flow of each day and allowed myself to be guided by Salvija and by the experience itself, I didn’t want to bring my mind into it too much, I felt guided by my body, which is the first time really that I’ve tapped into the wisdom within my body, rather than letting my thoughts “rule the show”.
I feel enlightened and like I truly have met myself on a much deeper level and I like the person I’ve met more than I ever knew was possible, it’s like it’s opened my eyes to the magic we all contain within ourselves that we tend to dismiss and unvalue. I feel so alive with the realisation of my own power and potential to create exactly the life I want, and the knowledge that I am more than worthy of it.

Salvija has a unique way of enabling you to connect with your body. Her subtle techniques are powerfully effective and have had life changing effects on me already.
It's only been 3 weeks since returning home from the retreat and I know I have learned enough to impress permanent changes in my life.
I am so grateful for this experience, and I advise that if you are considering taking part, do it!
Go with an open mind and an open heart, don't be afraid to feel and you will experience the full effects of Meeting Yourself.

Salvija is the precious kind of healer and coach that has walked the talk, so she’s authentic to what she teaches, as she has embodied it for herself first. She is highly intelligent, straightforward, with a great sense of humour and incredibly well connected to her body. She powerfully draws her unique and profound knowledge from her personal experience and developed her skills based on careful observation, testing, and applying on herself, discerning in practice what works and what doesn’t.
That is quite unique and stands out in the overall landscape of the coaching world. You’re not going to get some well-known recycled cliché stuff “with a twist”, things that you have read in many other books or conveyed by many other teachers…. No, that’s not what Salvija does.
She is not going to interpret for you your experience or “tell you” what to think, feel or do, she will... read more

RTT therapy with Salvija and her ongoing coaching and support as a mentor and professional in her field changed my life and is continuing to change it day by day. I first applied after being through life long mentally and physically abusive relationships starting with my childhood experience with my father until a recent relationship experience which made me nearly not want to be here anymore. I thought “that was it” and there is no one and nothing that can help me. Life went on I managed to “survive” and started seeing life very dark and pointless as my trauma and memories kept haunting me every day as well as the people from my past. When I met Salvija I felt her grounding, authentic and re assuring energy. I saw a person who has been through her own experience and emerged from it, to not only get better and thriving... read more

Salvija came into my membership and told us about her healing journey. It was totally not what I was expecting. It was absolutely fascinating though and extremely real! She has, quite simply, changed her whole life around.
I especially admire how she has allowed her past to shape her life now. She has learned techniques, including hypnotherapy, to help her with her healing process.
Salvija is welcome in my membership anytime and I look forward to seeing her again.

Salvija took the time to really listen to me with empathy and asked me questions to fully understand my issue. She explained everything very clearly to me so I knew what to expect during our session. She has a very calming presence and I was able to relax quickly and be guided by her into hypnosis. The transformation recording she made for me was very positive and included hypnotic suggestions for the changes that I wanted to make in my life. I felt heard and understood and that I now have the tools to overcome my issues. I highly recommend her services as she is very professional and good at what she does.

RTT session with Salvija was my first ever interaction with hypnosis. I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. After just one session, the panic attacks have vanished, and day after day, my mental health improved so much I could not believe it! Finally after 7 days the anxiety has vanished. I’m so happy that I took the chance and connected with Salvija. It was a life changing decision. And I would gladly recommend her to anyone who wants to say “goodbye” to their problems.

I’m absolutely shocked on how amazing Salvija is! Worked on procrastination and I went in with not much in mind and left feeling amazing, I’ve tried different methods to heal but this by far is absolutely the best I can’t recommend Salvia enough! If you want your life on track and you want anything sorted go to Salvia!!😁 read more


Gibraltar (closest) or Malaga (buses operate from Malaga, taxi service available)

No, you pay and are responsible for your own flights

Yes you will need to get your own travel insurance. This is mandatory.

Arrival is on 2nd of November from around 4pm Spain time, departure is on 9th of November before 9:30am Spanish time. Retreat activities will close on 7th of November evening, so you can enjoy villa and social time on 8th, including taking pictures, but please be mindful if someone does not want to be in the picture, this retreat values privacy.

If you want to properly explore we suggest giving yourself time before and after the retreat in Tarifa itself. You will also have time some evenings and mornings to do your own thing, including 2 days for resting, where you can arrange your own activities or just roll next to the pool! Or on the grass 😄

Yes, you can pay in instalments.

If a booking is made within less than 30 days, full payment will be required at your initial sign up.

This retreat has No Refund policy.

For additional questions please contact us directly via email: contact@scoachingtherapy.com

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