Is fear your ruler?

Lately, I have been observing some people’s behavior that, in the beginning, looked amazing, but my gut was sensing something is off.

So, I decided to investigate to see what exactly is off or just to be proven to be wrong!

The people I was observing showed great confidence and shared fear stories that were very relatable, connecting well with people’s emotions. They looked like experts in their field, with years of experience and active participation in various activities. All seemed to be legit!

Until I zoomed in. Now, this is not about being perfect or polished but about whether you walk the talk.

As a person who spends a lot of time investigating and testing how to create and shift reality, I understand the fine line between working with reality and living in illusion.

When I looked closer at each case, I noticed the lack of taking responsibility for what is happening in their lives. Whatever happened to them—events, accidents, people, anything—was someone else’s input, actions done on purpose, and etc., which didn’t seem feasible.

There was a lot of talk of walking through fear but actually being ruled by fear and behaving more like a scared animal during a crisis.

The outside of the body looked tired, like screaming it wants to rest, so it didn’t match what has been said. There are signs when people are unhappy, exhausted, scared, etc.

When I saw this behavior and people cheering, it got me thinking…. People do think this is confidence and conquering fear, but not many actually recognize that this is what it looks like to be ruled by fear.

I walked both journeys, and I know the difference now. It often can go two ways: feel the fear and be ruled by it or be grounded so deeply within yourself that you feel the fear but you stay in control. These two are very different energies; one is weakness, and the other is power. One brings desires to life, and the other brings a mirage.

But what’s the difference between them for people? Isn’t it true that if a person believes in something, that’s what he/she is getting?

That is true, but when you build all your reality on the mirage, once the mirage is blown away, there is a huge void that opens inside. I would describe it more like a black hole that puts you in deep depression and emptiness. Because that’s what it was all along, just empty space, weakness instead of power. This often happens because people are too scared to face their darkness, so the mirage of light and rainbows sounds much better. I’ve been there myself, a very tempting zone to be in.

This is also where manipulation kicks in. That hype created by someone that everything is possible and everyone can live their dream life… but behind closed doors the person who is creating the hype is ruled by massive fears.

It is very easy to fall for that hype and what looks like happiness and power at first glance.

So, how the hell do you check in with yourself, Salvija? How do I know I am in my power and not in a mirage?

That is a brilliant question, and I thought about how to answer this as clearly as possible because I know this very well in my body, though not that well with words!

When you deal with your issues and look into your deepest darkest corners, working to deal with them or accept them, this is when you know that no matter what, you still stand when the storm comes. But if you start touching the darkness and the issues you need to face and end up every time with an approach similar to “oh not today; not feeling like it; I am fine, this is not real; I have dealt with enough of this, I don’t need to look deeper; don’t have time” (this often is more individual, but more or less this is the vibe), then you are just racing off the cliff in slow motion.

I hope this makes sense. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!

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