Here is your access to free “Rest and Relax Meditation”!

You can play it directly here on the website, or download to your device.

Thank you for being interested in Rest and Relax Meditation.

To take a full advantage of this meditation, listen to it when you can calmly sit down or lie down and close your eyes without any interruptions.

It is recommended to listen daily. If you want to listen more than once during the day – not a problem!

Turn off your phone or/and laptop sounds.
Set alarm in case you need to be somewhere and can`t take a nap at the moment!
Allow yourself to fully be present in this meditation and enjoy! 🖤

Warning ⚠ Do not listen to this meditation while driving or doing anything active. This meditation is very relaxing!

If you want to share your relaxation wins, send me a message on social media or email!

Salvija 🖤

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