Before joining coaching with Salvija, I had no self-confidence, did not know what to do in my life. Felt that I have to do something more than go to work and get salary. But I couldn’t make a decisive step. This feeling was with me every day for 20 years. That feeling inside me affected my family too and I can tell you that it was not good and not fair.

I had tried a lot of trainings, bought a lot of books which should help me to became self-confident, active, positive and to make changes in my life. But unfortunately … 20 years no result. After couple of sessions with Salvija and doing exactly what she recommended I felt better. I understood that what she is doing its helping me to get where I want. I’m doing sessions with Salvija for some time now and result are incredible:

  • I left my job
  • I opened two companies
  • I have a lot of business ideas
  • I am more active, positive, self-confident
  • I feel much better, free to make my own decisions
  • I feel first time in my life that I can do much more
  • I have more time to be with my family

Life changed 180 degrees!

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