Marie-Claire Ashcroft

Salvija came into my membership community The Courage & Confidence Crew to talk to us all about fear, and how if you don’t control it, it will control you. A very apt topic for my crew.
She started off by turning us all into emotional wrecks as she told us of her personal story and how she broke free and got to where she is now.

It put a lot of what we worry about very much into perspective.
After her story, she explained where our fears come from and how we lose our power by picking up fears from our parents, our grandparents and the other people around us who try to condition us with their fears – and how none of this doesn’t actually belong to us!

She then gave us a lot of techniques and advice on how to tell our fears to simply piss off! It was fantastic. You can see just how knowledgeable she is in this area!

Throughout the session, heads were nodding and notes were being made.

Salvija not only helped us see ourselves and how our own fears show up for us but also how we can use what we learned in our own lives and businesses – we have members who work with others and work them daily through their own fears, so the information we received in her session will go on to help many others.

And on top of all this, she also corrected us on our own language use, including me!

It made us all realise how we need to be more mindful of the words that pop up out of our mouths and limit us without us knowing!

Thank you Salvija, I think your session will be watched many times over in my membership x

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