It took me a minute to catch Salvija’s vibe. Perhaps my judgment was blinded by the honesty and straight way in which she talked… I’m not proud of it, but, maybe, even by her goth style too. After meeting her and learning about her story, I understood a bit more about her journey and the hardship that she overcame. Hearing her talk about boundaries and the dark feminine, confirmed that she was the perfect person to continue my healing journey. She’s well prepared, empathic, funny and has the right way to deliver some hard truths when need be. Salvija genuinely cares for her clients and was constantly checking up on me, which was really nice and comforting…even reminded me of the importance to share and ask for help when needed. After 3 months, I’ve seen really great progress and know I’m on the right track to leave behind old trauma and keep connecting with my power, femininity, sensuality (which I had disconnected from years ago), and authenticity. Many things have helped me in different ways in my healing journey and hands down, Salvija has been one on the best investments I’ve made in -, and for myself. Thank you Salvija! I’m looking forward to keep raising by your side.


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