RTT therapy with Salvija and her ongoing coaching and support as a mentor and professional in her field changed my life and is continuing to change it day by day. I first applied after being through life long mentally and physically abusive relationships starting with my childhood experience with my father until a recent relationship experience which made me nearly not want to be here anymore. I thought “that was it” and there is no one and nothing that can help me. Life went on I managed to “survive” and started seeing life very dark and pointless as my trauma and memories kept haunting me every day as well as the people from my past. When I met Salvija I felt her grounding, authentic and re assuring energy. I saw a person who has been through her own experience and emerged from it, to not only get better and thriving but help others do the same. I sensed I could try this and have someone by my side who really understands how I feel and what is happening constantly in my brain and what it does to my health and body.

Before the rtt session i felt very haunted by the past, i felt my brain making up scenarios, feeding on them, continuing to constantly perpetuate everything that has happened or even creating new ones. I felt drained, tired, my health was deteriorating and I felt hopeless. I also started hating myself for what happened and not liking any part of me or seeing what others would see in me. I concluded this is how it is going to be and I can’t stand a chance in a loving relationship as I only thought I was trapped in these scenarios.

After taking the rtt session and having support from Salvija I started seeing very fast and very quickly big results. Already in 48 hours I was sensing shifts and changes starting to happen. Whether it is from the way I talk to myself, the way I feel, the way I look at my past. The changes kept happening more and more and even to this day keep getting bigger and stronger. It has now been only 3 weeks and I already feel like a completely different person is talking, thinking, feeling. I feel like the Real Me! My close ones and family are noticing a change and shift in me. Even my physical appearance is brighter, healthier and radiates good. I realized I have been trapped in pain and suffering for such a long time and I became addicted to it. I became addicted to the chaos that my mind was constantly perpetuating. I discovered that I was not loving myself at all, and starting to dig a very deep hole for my future self. I realized I am full of undiscovered potential and that I am worthy of Love. I realized the real version of Me is the one who loves life and doesn’t want to constantly tell the same stories and keep up with the same narrative of her past. I realized I want to take care of my body and my health in ways that I was completely careless before. I also discovered my brain plays tricks on me and without awareness and proper help I am letting it run the show and my life. My past self would look at me talking thinking and writing and she wouldn’t believe it’s me. I also realized it not only made me look at my past and past self from a different perspective but it also gave me confidence and brought me back to my powerful self that was deep asleep and couldn’t get up. I am so thankful I got to see what the other side of the coin holds and I am constantly discovering new treasures within myself.

I strongly recommend Salvija as a therapist, mentor and coach not only does she understand what is happening to a victim but she has the gift to immediately make you come back right on track and train you to keep doing it yourself. She is authentic in her way of doing the work and is determined to get to the root of the problem. She doesn’t leave you hanging or with the feeling of doubt when you are in need. She restores order and takes you to a brighter place where you can only from there see what has been going on. Honestly, that was deeply transformative because without changing completely and getting out on another higher level I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

And this work continues and makes you want to keep going. It is beautiful and bright and I am loving every step of it.

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