Dr. Anemona Peres

Salvija’s coaching is fresh and crisp. She cuts through the issue with laser precision. There’s no going around the bushes with her, she nails it in a blink with her sharp mind clarity and incredible intuition. She will spot the things that you discount or where your thinking is clouded by limiting beliefs. Salvija’s empowering and clear-mind style is contagious. Her approach to work and life is ‘nothing is impossible, you can achieve anything once you know you’re worthy of it’. She will challenge you and not allow you to lie to yourself….. and you will be grateful for it!

With Salvija you can have those really difficult discussions that other coaches or therapists can’t easily hold. She has seen it all….. Her honesty and authenticity are so reassuring and the level of trust and safety she creates is profound.

Besides her no-nonsense, no-BS, straight forward approach, just by being in her energy is uplifting and empowering. I highly recommend Salvija to anyone who wants to bring their practice to the next level and resolve what holds them back. With Salvija nothing is impossible!

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