What if you didn’t have to turn away your clients with active abuse?

So you can help more people to leave abuse? 

And show them life on the other side of the fence while empowering them to bloom in their best way?

Look no further!

Imagine the feeling of never having to turn away a client from your support because they are at a point where they are still in active abuse, where you can support them to the fullest and help them not only leave their situation, but do so in a way that protects them to the highest level. 

You started your therapy business because you want to help, and turning people away because you cannot fully support them to the level they deserve can be heartbreaking.

It’s not about the money, it’s about seeing that person and understanding that they need help.

Help that you want to give them, but you want to make sure that the advice, guidance and support is of the highest quality for them.

That’s why I created this programme! 

To help you support abuse victims in the best possible way.

To give you every tool you need. 

After years of working with abuse victims, at all stages of their journey, I knew I needed to create a programme that incorporated everything you need in order to provide your clients with the best support.

How to work with abuse victims is for therapists and healers who want to upgrade their skillset, be confident in handling active abuse cases and help people heal after abuse, fast.

This strategy has been tested over the past 3 years to refine and ensure maximum value for you, and the ultimate transformation for your clients.. 

This program is always in progress being updated with new findings, theories and tools meaning that you will continue to benefit both now and in the future..

I have helped people to leave incredibly abusive relationships, heal and find new loving relationships! It is honestly an incredible feeling to witness and walk the whole journey together…

You can do it now too.

The Domestic Abuse paradigm that we see now is outdated, many things don’t work, government institutions are behind with the knowledge and police are usually not equipped with skills on how to handle abuse, not to mention laws being quite weak in this area. 

Old paradigm approach causes more deaths than success.

It is time to build a new paradigm of how we see and how we handle Domestic abuse and I have a plan for it.

With my knowledge and support you will join a powerful group that makes abusers’ days pure nightmare, because you will free their victims and change them in such a powerful way that even the abuser won’t recognize them.

 Want to be a part of this world changing movement?

Whats in it?!?

Live Training

You will get 11 LIVE modules (I will be honest, probably will add more before we finish!)

Modules will be spread throughout 7weeks.

Where will deep dive into all you need to know about working with abuse victims, how to handle difficult situations and how to handle your energy doing this incredible work.

I will also cover how to handle police, court, lawyers and social services in any country. This itself is just insanely juicy!

When I say I cover it all – I am not joking!

Exclusive Facebook Group

Facebook group will be your safe space to share your experience, questions and receive support!


We are starting 11th of April

What they say

Salvija literally saved my life. Her knowledge is vast in many areas. Both when I needed support in dealing with my fears, anxiety and when I needed a kick to act. She gets to the heart of the matter very quickly. Thanks to that, the whole process is much faster. I would come to these conclusions for months, it was possible with her in one session. It’s a great experience to have someone like that by your side. I’m still improving with her advices, but it’s much more simple than doing it alone. Everyone needs a coach like that in their life.


Marketing Expert

Before joining coaching with Salvija, I had no self-confidence, did not know what to do in my life. Felt that I have to do something more than go to work and get salary. But I couldn’t make a decisive step. This feeling was with me every day for 20 years. That feeling inside me affected my family too and I can tell you that it was not good and not fair.
I had tried a lot of trainings, bought a lot of books which should help me to became self-confident, active, positive and to make changes in my life. But unfortunately … 20 years no result. After couple of sessions with Salvija and doing exactly what she recommended I felt better. I understood that what she is doing its helping me to get where I want. Im doing sessions with Salvija for some time now and result are incredible:

  • I left my job
  • I opened two companies
  • I have a lot of business ideas
  • I am more active, positive, self-confident
  • I feel much better, free to make my own decisions
  • I feel first time in my life that I can do much more
  • I have more time to be with my family

Life changed 180 degrees!



Salvija was wonderful to work with. It was like she knew me straight away. Her understanding and sensitivity of my problem showed real empathy too. My root problem was identified. I felt safe and protected during my session. Salvija being professional but compassionate too.

My transformation recording was amazing and it was certainly what I wanted. Every bit of it I still listen to…even after 21 days!!!!

I would definitely recommend Salvija to anyone if you want to make positive changes to your life x

Rachel ❤️

Salvija came into my membership and told us about her healing journey. It was totally not what I was expecting. It was absolutely fascinating though and extremely real! She has, quite simply, changed her whole life around.

I especially admire how she has allowed her past to shape her life now. She has learned techniques, including hypnotherapy, to help her with her healing process.

Salvija is welcome in my membership anytime and I look forward to seeing her again.

Rachael Rawnsley

After working with Salvija, I was able to clearly articulate a future vision for myself and define my priorities to achieve greater life balance. With Salvija’s supportive coaching style, I was able to gain the confidence and made a significant career move that was long overdue. I’m not sure I would have made the transition without Salvija’s know-how, encouragement, and support. Thank you for being there for me.


RE Business Owner

RTT session with Salvija was my first ever interaction with hypnosis. I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. After just one session, the panic attacks have vanished, and day after day, my mental health improved so much I could not believe it! Finally after 7 days the anxiety has vanished. I’m so happy that I took the chance and connected with Salvija. It was a life changing decision. And I would gladly recommend her to anyone who wants to say “goodbye” to their problems.


Salvija came into my membership community The Courage & Confidence Crew to talk to us all about fear, and how if you don’t control it, it will control you. A very apt topic for my crew.
She started off by turning us all into emotional wrecks as she told us of her personal story and how she broke free and got to where she is now.

It put a lot of what we worry about very much into perspective.
After her story, she explained where our fears come from and how we lose our power by picking up fears from our parents, our grandparents and the other people around us who try to condition us with their fears – and how none of this doesn’t actually belong to us!
She then gave us a lot of techniques and advice on how to tell our fears to simply piss off! It was fantastic. You can see just how knowledgeable she is in this area!
Throughout the session, heads were nodding and notes were being made.
Salvija not only helped us see ourselves and how our own fears show up for us but also how we can use what we learned in our own lives and businesses – we have members who work with others and work them daily through their own fears, so the information we received in her session will go on to help many others.

And on top of all this, she also corrected us on our own language use, including me!

It made us all realise how we need to be more mindful of the words that pop up out of our mouths and limit us without us knowing!

Thank you Salvija, I think your session will be watched many times over in my membership x

Marie-Claire Ashcroft

I came to Salvija to help me boost my confidence and self worth. Hypnotherapy can work really fast. From the first session I felt a shift and by deep understanding of my past I felt a weight has been lifted. Now I can clearly see my potential and take action towards my dreams without being afraid what others will say. And I feel really supported by the voice recording I got from Salvija to keep the momentum going and not fall back. I am so grateful to her and know where to go for my next hypnosis. I deserve this investment in myself.


Salvija took the time to really listen to me with empathy and asked me questions to fully understand my issue. She explained everything very clearly to me so I knew what to expect during our session. She has a very calming presence and I was able to relax quickly and be guided by her into hypnosis. The transformation recording she made for me was very positive and included hypnotic suggestions for the changes that I wanted to make in my life. I felt heard and understood and that I now have the tools to overcome my issues. I highly recommend her services as she is very professional and good at what she does.


I did my hypnotherapy on my life goals and money blockage. I found Salvija to be extremely supportive and very good at hypnotherapy, as she was able to spot what else can be improved. I am glad to say I am going from strength to strength since the therapy I now feel more positive about my future and have gained a deep level of clarity going forward. The online sessions suited me as I was very comfortable in my own home and could organize sessions around work and childcare. I would highly recommend this service for anyone looking to make positive change in their lives  Thank you Salvija for all of your help!


I’m absolutely shocked on how amazing Salvija is! Worked on procrastination and I went in with not much in mind and left feeling amazing, I’ve tried different methods to heal but this by far is absolutely the best I can’t recommend Salvia enough! If you want your life on track and you want anything sorted go to Salvia!!😁


I had a hypnotherapy session with Salvija few weeks ago. Our purpose was to try and manage severe migraine pains and better understand what causes them. I knew nothing of hypnotherapy and wasn’t sure about it but thought I’d approach it with an open mind and give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised during the first session on how relaxed and calm it made me feel. I am now listening daily to the recording that Salvija provided after our session and her calming and soothing voice makes me feel more positive, confident, energised and generally have a better sense of well- being. As an over thinker, I feel a lot more relaxed. I understood what caused my migraine and what was its purpose, so I can work now on changing my life to better direction.



Dear Salvija,
Thank you for getting through and sharing your childhood journey.
1. It made my petty squabbles seem peanuts
2. It made me realise what pain could potentially be
3. It showed me anything can be overcome
So I shall now onwards be gentle with myself, be firm with me actions, say yes to what I like more, remove the ‘don’t’ from my talk, be more positive and share the gratitude of me.


Meet Salvija

Salvija is a Domestic Abuse Expert, Certified Hypnotherapist, Mindset Coach and Founder of Salvija Coaching and Therapy.

Salvija has been helping women and men worldwide to leave domestic abuse safely, heal from it and create their dream lives feeling safe and confident. She helps people to build unshakable confidence, trust themselves again and feel safe no matter what happens in their lives.

Using Hypnosis, Emotional Intelligence, and her developed Strategy in Domestic Abuse, she helps people to heal from emotional trauma faster and focus on building extraordinary life.

Salvija specialises in Domestic Abuse, Mindset, spotting Manipulation tactics, Confidence and Emotional Intelligence. Using her 10+ years of experience, she leads people to exciting new horizons of possibilities in their lives.

Salvija is a true believer that people are limitless in their mind and in their body, and this is something she instils into every one of her clients.

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