Salvija is very talented. She is very kind and knew exactly how to help me..

I had pretty much given up hope that I probably wouldn’t ever drive comfortably again. That was until I very fortunately came to meet Salvija. My anxieties started in 2017 and have progressively got worse. Salvija listened at great depth about all my worries and issues, which I was amazed to find things that I never imagined they could be.

I was shocked what came up in my session that were blocking me from living my life the way I want. Things from many years ago that I didn’t even know were a memory for me…

I couldn’t believe how I felt after. I can’t explain it but to put it simply, the anxiety that was there before, has just disappeared. I felt nervous and tense before we started and I couldn’t actually take the smile from my face after, I felt so relieved as if someone had just taken the weight of the world off my shoulders.

Salvija is very experienced in this field and very personable too, which is a huge benefit. You really need to like and trust somebody to help you this way, and Salvija was perfect for me. Salvija gave me tools to work on and even knowing I have these when I need them is a massive comfort, also having her support daily is a massive comfort. now I feel I have my confidence and new found freedom I cant thank you enough Salvija I’m so glad I found you. I have no hesitation in recommending Salvija to anyone with similar problems to mine…

Louise.. x

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